List accounts created with prosodyctl


Hi everyone! If like me you have a Jitsi instance and you don't remember users you created, here's a trick.

Execute this line: ls /var/lib/prosody/*/accounts|grep .dat|sed s/'.dat'//g
of the 'ls' method

In the case you've got multiple domains the following is better:
curl -OJL
chmod 755 mod_listusers.lua
mv mod_listusers.lua /usr/lib/prosody/modules/
capture d'écran de la méthode utilisant 'mod_listusers'

Now, executing prosodyctl mod_listusers on the command line should return created accounts like in the first method but with their respective domains.
Thanks a LOT to Jan "Arsimael" Schneeberger, it greatly helped me.