My CGI script 'gpigeon' has now an installer!


Hi everyone,
I've got a CGI perl script, gpigeon, allowing me to create and send links to people who doesn't know GPG to send me encrypted messages.
It has been downloadable from my main page for months now but I wasn't satisfied with code readability: if someone would want to setup the script, the data to fill in was all over the place.
It's the reason why I created an installer! I will show as well what the script can do in this blogpost.

Down below is a basic HTML page used for logging in. A simple webpage with a form and an input field with name="password", a submit button with the action tag pointing to the relative CGI script path will do the trick. The live version is here:
screenshot of the gpigeon example login
page. the is embedded in the webpage as well.

Once logged in with the chosen password during setup we will land there. The style is customizable through editing the gpigeon.css file:
gpigeon admin interface after
logging in.

Notice that I just generated a link and he showed up in the currently available links table located down in the page. So, what it looks like when you click the link ? Like that:
A web page with a
multiline text area and a submit button

In my mailbox I will get this (note that I already decrypted the message hence the 'Message PGP déchiffré avec succès' notification at the bottom left):
My mail client with the encrypted
mail sent from the previous step. It got sent succesfully !

There's something important to know: once the mail is sent, the form (link) self-destructs. It avoids you getting spammed if someone finds or shares the link and as well to know who wants to send you encrypted mails.
Here's some screenshots:
On a rentré un
mail invalide, 'test', et on a un message d'erreur en retour.

When you delete a link successfully, there's a green message notifying it right below the table:

That's all for now. If you got questions relating to this CGI script, don't hesitate asking it by sending me a mail!